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Kensington Prep School

(INSET day training on 'The Science behind Outdoor learning)


Gemma demonstrated a deep understanding of the profound impact that outdoor learning can have on a child's development and her enthusiasm was contagious. The incorporation of scientific principles into outdoor activities was not only educational but also incredibly engaging. the seamless blend of theory and practical applications made the entire session dynamic and accessible to everyone in the room.

Wimbledon High School

(Inset day training on Emotional self regulation)

The pitch was perfect for our staff; a great blend of theory and relatable classroom practice.  We were all surprised at how much great ground we covered in the time available. 

 The fact that Gemma has experience as a teacher really resonated with our teaching team. It was a fabulous experience for us and we are keen to continue working with NestKids in the future

Professor Guy Claxton,
Cognitive scientist and author

Gemma is  a brilliant teacher and teacher educator, dedicated to helping all children be the best learners they can possibly be.

EYFS Conference attendee

This was the 'meat' of the conference! Sam was a skilled speaker with both research to focus on and some clear actions that we can come away with which enables us to think about children in a different way. EXCELLENT!

We could have had more!

Kate. L,
Parent of 2 children

Gemma truly helped me with my daughter's challenging behaviour. She really listened and tried to understand the issues from both mine and my daughter's perspectives. She gave me advice and strategies which have led to positive changes in both the behaviour itself, and my understanding and ability to deal with it.

attendee at Prof. Sam Wass' keynote

Amazing! Fascinating to hear the neuroscience behind the legacy of the pandemic and possible strategies

Linzi Lown,
Learning and development specialist,
Grandir UK

I attended Gemma's seminar at the Nursery World show, it was one of my favourites. I found it fascinating and she was very easy to listen to.

Amy. G,
Specialist children's Occupational Therapist

Gemma is able to combine her formal training in psychology and education, and provide a holistic approach , supporting families in a personalised way.

Kim Salisbury,
Quality Improvement Officer

In his keynote speech, Prof. Wass was able to powerfully present his research and effectively engage with delegates in how to use that research in their own practice... delegates found his speech thought provoking and enjoyable, the feedback forms showed a very positive response to both his speech and workshop.

Rachel Macfarlane,
Lead Advisor for Underserved learners

Gemma Goldenberg is that perfect blend of passionate educator, restless system-improver, impressive researcher and curious questioner. She is committed to learning from best practice in order to make the educational experience of our young people better. I have greatly enjoyed collaborating with Gemma on a number of professional initiatives and learning from her expertise and experience

Dr Lisa-Maria Muller
Head of Research, Chartered College of Teaching

I have had the pleasure of working with Gemma at the Chartered College of Teaching before she embarked on her PhD full-time. Her substantial experience as teacher and leader in primary school settings combined with a true passion for evidence-informed practice and her expertise in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and outdoor learning mean that she is able to provide a balanced perspective on the latest research evidence and how it relates to everyday, real-life classrooms.



Conference attendees

Sam is a great presenter and he was the best speaker of the day.

The data and research was fascinating.

Informative and relevant

I think everyone needs to hear this!

A privilege to have him as a guest speaker

Sam was a great speaker, and gave great information

Thorough, clear and good use of recap to aid memory.

Exceptionally interesting and well delivered content with an engaging pace!



Clare McBride,

Gemma is an enthusiastic teacher with a passion for education. She brings fantastic energy and precision to every lesson and project she works on. A true professional.



A list of some of the settings and organisations that we have been lucky enough to work with throughout our careers so far: Department of Education Early Excellence National Day Nurseries Association Nursery World NAHT Osiris The Chartered College of Teaching Early Years Educator Public Health England Barnardo’s National Childminder Conference PACEY Together for Children Optimus Education The International Association of Prep Schools Crown House Publishing Tooled up Education Centre for Educational Neuroscience Rethinking Assessment Teach Outdoors Newham Learning Bloomsbury Publishing Telegraph BBC News Channel 4 Sky news National Trust Save The Children Outdoor Mums UK Lego Center Parcs Thomas Cook Disney+ Tesco Ikea Dulux Den Kits Kensington Prep School Brentwood Prep School Wimbledon High School

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