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Schools and EYFS settings

We love working with schools and nurseries. Below is a list of the sorts of questions we are sometimes asked by people working in educational settings....

You can also find examples of our work here

Children learning outside

Can you run a training session for us?


We’ve implemented something new and we need some help knowing how to evidence its impact and judge whether it’s been effective, can you help us?


How can we improve our learning environment so that it supports neurodiverse learners?


Can you give us a better understanding of self regulation and how we can nurture it?


Can you conduct a research project for us, or teach us how to do it ourselves?


Can you provide me with a research report on a given topic so that I can share it with governors/teachers/other stakeholders?

The answer is yes! And we are always happy to hear from people with new questions, challenges and ideas as well.


Please contact us to discuss your needs, we are happy to work with you in the way that suits you best - from keynote speeches at conferences, to staff training days, shorter workshops and extended research projects as well as advice and troubleshooting via video calls. A list of our areas of expertise is here


We offer discounts on all services for non-profit organisations

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