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Mother and baby wearing head cameras
children learning in a classroom


'Nest' stands for Neuroscience of Education, Support and Training. We are psychologists who work with schools, parents and other organisations to help them build a neuroscience-informed approach.

We set up Nest because we’re passionate about making neuroscience and psychology research accessible and interesting to those who work with, and care for children.


Click here for some of the ways that we do this


A deeper understanding of how children’s minds work can be transformative in supporting learning, behaviour and wellbeing, and making educators’ and parents’ jobs easier and more enjoyable. 


Many providers of training and consultancy don’t have a background in neuroscience or psychology and may not be up to date with the latest educational research (hundreds of new findings are published every year!)


On the other hand, many research academics and scientists don’t have any experience of working directly with young children or communicating their findings to teachers and parents. 


Between us, we have decades of experience spanning both sides of the coin. We know the latest science, we also understand how to apply it practically and explain it clearly. We believe our combined experiences make us an ideal team to bridge the gap between theory and practice.


We appreciate that parents and those in the childcare and education sectors already work incredibly hard. Our aim is not for you to work harder, but to work smarter, using scientific research to refine practices, solve problems and enable you to reap bigger rewards for your efforts.

Click here for examples of the type of research that can transform your practice, or use the button below to contact us with any queries.

Mother and child in psychology experiment wearing EEG caps
Baby wearing an EEG cap to measure brain activity
The brain
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